Nasrene releases single “Hiding Place”

Written by on July 5, 2017

Johannesburg-based Singer/Songwriter Nasrene recently released her single “Hiding Place”. Jamza Radio has play listed the song but also wanted to find out more about the artist and the song. We put forward a few questions to Nasrene.

Before we move on to the questions about your new release “Hiding Place”, could you briefly tell us a bit about yourself.

#Where are you currently based?

  • Johannesburg

#Where did you grow up?

  • Grew up in the South of Joburg

#How did you get into music?

  • I’ve always wanted to be a musician. I loved singing and making melodies from an early age, I would steal my dad’s tape recorder and just sing into them so that I would feel like I’m making a record. But it was always just a fantasy of mine. I didn’t think I would have a chance at making it a possible career.

#Are you a full time or part-time musician?

  • I am currently a part-time musician. I’m a songwriter at Gresham Music, I spend a lot of time in my home studio making my own music too. But I’m also a Pharmacist.

#Do you play any musical instrument?

  • I play a little piano and guitar during my song-writing sessions.

#What genre would you say your music falls into?

  • Pop, electro pop (Hiding Place)

#Did you write the song “Hiding Place”? If not, who wrote the song?

  • I co-wrote the song with my producer J-Lawless.

#Is this your first official song release? If not, how many songs have you released so far?

  • This is the second official release, the first one is called “Can’t Miss You”

#Are you an independent artist or are you signed to a record label?

I am currently signed as a songwriter to David Gresham Music, however my own music is released independently.

#Who produced the recording?

J-Lawless. He is a rapper and Producer currently based in Washington D.C

#Tell us a bit about the song? What’s it about?

Hiding Place is a song about someone who’s been through a lot in life and doesn’t really have much, but they find solace in someone or something that is ultimately their hiding place. A place where their troubles no longer exist.  

#Any plans for an official video for the song?

No plans yet. Would love to, if the song does well.

 #Is this song part of an album? Are there any plans to do an album at a later stage?

I would love to record an album at a later stage, when I feel like I have written enough songs that are personal enough to me. For now I really just want to push singles and get my music out there.

#Are you currently performing live at any venue or do you have any upcoming gigs/shows where fans can see you perform live?

I have been performing around Johannesburg, but currently no new dates lined up as I’m spending any free time I have in the studio, writing and recording.  Will keep you updated on this.

#What are your immediate plans for the next few months?

I really want to expand my song-writing catalogue and work with more artists. I also want to continue working on my own sound as an artist and have a few more releases before the end of the year. 

You can follow Nasrene on her social media links:


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