Femi Koya releases new single, Babalawo

Written by on February 6, 2018

Femi Koya, the new face of African renaissance, has surely got a trump card up his sleeve. His new album “Afrobeat Village” set to be released on the 16th April, is bound to take the music industry by storm!

As a taste of this thrilling project we are proud to launch his introductory single entitled “Babalawo”, a track dedicated to all Musicians that have remained loyal to their African traditions and culture.

The song pays tribute to our musical ancestors and storytellers, from the late Fela Kuti to the recently departed Hugh Masekela, recognizing them as role models and trailblazers of the African dream.

Through the metaphor of Ijapa, a tortoise, visiting a traditional healer, Babalawo, to seek help to support and provide medications to facilitate his wife’s pregnancy. Ijapa’s story, is to highlight the importance of obedience and commitment versus falling in temptation, as the tortoise follows his impuse and takes the muthi prescribed to his wife and his journey slows down.

This story, close to every child brought up in the Yoruba community, is just one of the many stories modernized through Femi’s musical arrangements, that define “Village Afrobeat” not only as a musical album, but as a journey through village life and its lessons, meant to enable new generations to understand and keep in mind the significance and importance of morals portrayed in the various storytelling

“This song is about Africa awakening to its own dreams and way of life. These stories and their meanings should take their rightful place as part of world culture,” says Afrobeat musician, Femi Koya.

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