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It’s an Afrobalkan Kwaito Dance Party This is a band like no other – think Black Cat White Cat meets Brenda Fassie – add an opera singer, a polish refugee, a Manchester born kwaito star and SA’s most astute linguist, and you have half the picture. The other half best be experienced live. In keeping […]

First Single from Upcoming EP “Dreamin’” Durban, ZA – February 20, 2018 — “Answer,” the first song from Jessica Chaz’s upcoming EP “Dreamin’” stays with you long after you’ve heard it. From Jessica’s upbeat, soulful vocals delivered with contagious grit and determination to lyrics that will embed themselves in listeners minds, “Answer” is the perfect appetizer […]

MXO’S quirky, eccentric and highly original music, matched by his bewitching raspy voice has proven that he is anything but ordinary since his first release “Sista Kunjani”. An icon in the South African music landscape, he is still full of surprises and continuously stretches himself as an artist. In an era, where some artists fold under […]

Lose Your Shoes (Remix) is a single from Denzyl’s self-titled EP. The singer wanted to do something special with this track and so he recorded the remix to ‘reinvent’ the song. The bouncy version of this potential hit single came out just as Denzyl envisioned. An artist from Durban would only want something as hot […]

Femi Koya, the new face of African renaissance, has surely got a trump card up his sleeve. His new album “Afrobeat Village” set to be released on the 16th April, is bound to take the music industry by storm! As a taste of this thrilling project we are proud to launch his introductory single entitled “Babalawo”, […]

Read about Abigail Petersen’s debut album at the following link here:

‘Feelings’ is the first single to be lifted from FEELINGS, the debut EP from South African Pop/Electronic/Soul artist LEA HEART, to be released in 2018. Having performed at multiple events such as LGBT Rainbow Friendly Events (with international & local acts Ambers Closet, Ava Pearl, No Diggity) LEA HEART has garnered support from the likes […]

 Beryl, aka Voice of Reason, releases the hard hitting and powerful George Michael adaptation, One More Cry, as a voice for change in South Africa. One More Cry is her first track as a solo artist.  Beryl’s love of writing and long-time fear of dying one day without ever having done something ‘worthwhile’ for someone […]

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