Interview – DJ Zwesta releases music video for “Rafiki” featuring. Nkwali

Written by on 20 November 2018

DJ Zwesta has released the music video for his song “Rafiki” which features singer Nkwali.

Jamza asked DJ Zwesta about the song and the video.

Watch the video below and read what DJ Zwesta had to say about the song and the video.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist. 

I am a Music producer (House Music/Hip-hop/Pop/Tribal),Dj and business entrepreneur running my own business specialising in Mechanical & Electrical works and also running an  independent record label under an umbrella company, Zwesta Empire. I am an accountant by profession and I graduated with a of Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Fort hare.

Q: Is this your first official video release? If not, how many videos have you released so far?

This is my second music video as my first music video was released at the end of February, and has been on high   rotation, especially on Channel O where it’s still getting some heavy rotation nine months later.My first video is called “We Rise” and this new video is called “Rafiki”.

 Q: Did you write the song (lyrics and composition)? If not, who wrote the song?

The lyrics were written by Nomankwali Mkhwanazi (artist name –Nkwali), a 2015 double ZIMA award nominee in Zimbabwe and currently based in Germany .

 Q: Who produced the song (the music)?

The song was produced by me in full, including mastering  .

Q: Who directed and produced the video?

The video was produced by:  Dj Zwesta SA (Zwelihle Mathe) & Nomathamsanqa Mkhwananzi (Nkwali)

The video was directed by :  (Gueraman from Burundi, Chris Chico Fischer & Thomas Elst both from Germany)

Q: Tell us a bit about the video. What does the title mean?

 Rafiki means friend in Swahili. The music video was shot on two locations, South Africa and Berlin, Germany. This was because Nkwali is based in Germany and the producer, DJ Zwesta SA is based in East London. The music video is in two contrasts; one with Nkwali all alone at scenic sites in Germany, while DJ Zwesta SA partying up a storm in South Africa.

 Q: Who appears in the video?

Nkwali in Germany sites, Dj Zwesta SA in South Africa with East London based models, Fritz who is owner of the SA location called Vegas and friends,a new entertainment and accommodation location about to open for international pool parties and music events within East London City of the Eastern Cape. The male characters in the video are Zwesta Records artists namely Meetch, Eleazer, Ockober and Razzy. My fiancé, Azemahle Sambata, also features in the video. We also have dancers from the local township of Mdantsane in East London.

 Q: What is the story/creative concept behind the video?

The song is about having a good time with your friends and spicing up the moment with dancing.

 Q: Where you involved in the creative aspects of the video?

  Yes, I selected the venue and organised everyone who was in the party scenes. We actually filmed the video in real time as we were actually having the fun in the club and we pumped up the song and the cameraman had some work in shooting as people got carried away with the fun during the shoot.

Q: There are some interesting locations in the video. Where was it shot?

The video was shot in Germany as well as South Africa (East London, Vegas)

Q: Is this song part of an album?

The song is my second song that is in the upcoming album called House Oven that is scheduled for release next year.

Q: What would you like to tell your fans out there?

I would like to tell my friends that I love them and that they have contributed immensely to my growth. I would also like them to know that I will always surprise them with my production as I will be featuring different artists who are all extremely talented with some being established artists as well as new upcoming artists with extreme talent

Q: What are your immediate plans for the next few months, especially after this video release?

My friends should expect one more single before I drop a full album, which will be dropped around end of February. I will also be launching my singles soon and I am planning to also host big events aimed at promoting up and coming artists who have been side-lined in many events.

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Information supplied by: DJ Zwesta

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