About Us

Jamza Radio was founded in 2017. The station is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The main aim in building the station was to provide a platform for music lovers to listen to music from South Africa and other African countries.

Jamza Radio is licensed by CAPASSO (a mechanical rights agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa).

Jamza Radio takes pride in ensuring that all songs played on the radio station are registered with the respective music rights organisations.

There are so many artists in South Africa and Africa that produce music that needs to be heard beyond the traditional boundaries of the countries that they live in.

Music in many African countries is intertwined with culture and the different genres and styles of music is a marvel to behold.

Music can bring people together and this is what Jamza Radio has set out to achieve. With music there should be no boundaries. We encourage our listeners to explore and discover the artists that you will hear on this station.

Peace, love and music to all!

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